About us

RAABI Enterprises help companies and individuals to navigate the ever-changing world of work. Nearly 33 years of experience providing recruitment, assessment and selection means we can help you to make sense of the forces shaping tomorrow’s workplace.

Your experience, our connections, total success.

RAABI has been instrumental in shaping the recruitment and consultancy industry in the GCC region and over the past 33 years has placed more than 35,000 job seekers into relevant positions across the Middle East. RAABI goal is to exceed client expectations by delivering the highest standards of professional service with a unique combination of management consulting and broad industry expertise.


Our vision is to be the preferred Recruitment Consultancy of every major employer in the Middle East.


We will continue to provide and source talented professionals, and attract new expertise from across the globe. By identifying candidates with exceptional abilities, and matching their skills to client requirements, we strengthen our clients’ human resources capabilities while improving our candidates’ career prospects.


We go by quality of life. It is our thrust to uplift the morale of the professional and worker. The gauge of our success is not by the volume of the people deployed overseas, but by the raised quality of life the people achieve through RAABI.